Welcome to lukepreston.xyz


My name is Luke Preston. I am an electrical engineer and free software enthusiast. I live in Florida with my wife Caitlin. This is my personal website, I made it mostly for fun as well as for the purpose of an online presence which is not dependent on big tech oligarchies. This is important because I believe these technology companies are idealogically compromised global corporations which violate their users' privacy for monetary gain as well as engaging in mass scale behavioral engineering and controlling the access to information. Centralized infrastructure is also vulnerable to censorship. I believe it is important for others who are able to build their own platforms and infrastructure. This website and the other resources on the server will exist not just for myself but for friends and family as well.

You can find the social media site formerly known as friendface.club at social.lukepreston.xyz or by clicking the "social" tab at the top of the page. social.lukepreston.xyz is a pleroma instance which is federated with other servers, because community and communication are important. The future of this server may involve adding more services as the site is improved.